Herbal & Supplement Consultation

Herbal and/or Supplement consultation includes a herbal prescription and/or supplement prescription for your condition and Chinese medicine diagnosis.

You are also encouraged to come in with products and supplements that you are currently taking for a profession evaluation on how those products are influencing your health. You will also learn tips to spot synthetics before you purchase any nutritional supplement or meal replacement even with the misleading label  of "natural or pure" products. Most people are very surprised at what they learn about their supplements.

20 minutes            $35

Herbs & Supplements

We start out with a diagnosis and treatment plan for you condition based on you indivisual body type. Many times we are able to treat multiple problems with only one herbal formula.

Our supplements are affordable, made without binders, fillers, and other toxic tag-a-longs that are tested for active ingredients and bio-availability. We do not sell products from companies who use synthetic vitamins or GMO products in their supplements.  Because of the quality and specific knowledge of the products, we are able to see changes in lab work in only a few months. An alkaline and whole food based method of nutrition is encouraged.

Navigating the world of supplements can be an expensive and often times it's a misleading journey. Many times supplements are purchased from under-qualified sellers who know very little about the product they're selling or the manufactured methods the company. 

Few people are qualified to sell the products we carry. Nutritional companies often distribute their product to under qualified representatives whom have no formal education on the products they are selling. The representative's only knowledge of the product is limited to what the companies tells them. These companies focus on selling these products to "distributors" and not professionals for this reason.

Most products that are labeled "natural,  healthy, or pure" are not and often contain high levels of GMO soy, partial vitamins, & unhealthy processing methods  . While they do include additional nutrition that you lacking through the Standard American Diet, they contain additive, fillers, and synthetic vitamins that over time will deplete your health. Not all health supplements are safe for all health conditions and medication.  

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