Organic Parasite Cleanse

Parasites steal your energy and nutrients while causing a wide array of health problems. These cleanse is gentle on you and is also known as the strongest broad spectrum parasidal formula, not only was it designed to kill existing parasites, it also seeks and destroys the eggs of parasites.  Skin clears up, eyes brighten, energy is increased, and  quality of sleep is improved. People have reported major weight losses, slimming down of their abdominal area, and improved circulation. Benefits the digestive system, liver, and relieves burden to your immune system.   

6 week supply $60.00

Herbal Body Wrap

(Choose Hydration, Slimming, Detox, Pain Relief, or Energizing Wrap)

 Begin your wrap with a lymphatic dry brushing treatment, followed by an oxygenation and detoxification treatment. Now you are prepared for your detoxifying, mineral rich wrap for your whole body, neck to your feet. Relax with our infrared heat as your body cleanses itself. Try a Pain Relief to rid treat aches and pains or cleanse through your skin with a Detoxifying Wrap. Fight, puffy, toxic filled fat cells with a slimming wrap.  It's way to start a new diet or any detoxifying program. You also get a  dry brush and regimen to continue the detoxifying at home. This combines well with the Organic Skin renewal and exfoliation treatment. You can also upgrade to the Amethyst Infrared heat for added benefits. $90

Body Treatments

Auricular Therapy

​​A needle-free treatment for addiction, weight loss, pain, stress, and anxiety . It done by puting pressure on reflexology points on the exterior ear with pellets on the back of small band-aids.

$35 Single Treatment                       $15 Add-on to other treatments

Infrared Heat Therapy

Melt tension and pain away with the healing effects of infrared heat. A whole body treatment with penetrating infrared heat will be your own personal sauna. It will eases arthritis and pain, especially the type that hurts worse during cold or rainy weather. Commonly used for weight loss and slimming programs to decrease cellulite and the size of fat cells.  30 minutes $15


Suction cups provide a deep tissue therapy to treat pain and tightness in the muscles while increasing circulation and blood flow. Great option for chronic muscle tightness or for people who like deep tissue work. This treatment will extend the effects of massage. Other uses include relief from seasonal colds or flu and cellulite reduction. Color changes to the skin in common. 

20  Minutes-$40                        

Organic Skin Renewal with Exfoliation 

Renew your skin with this tighting body scrub and activate anti-inflammatory activity that reduces puffiness and cellulite. The high concentration of antioxidants help with the healing of scars,  prevention of  acne, reduction the appearance of fine lines and hyperpigmentation while it softens your skin.  The healing formula contains several  natural diuretics and our organic slimming essential oil blend that helps to detoxify the liver and gallbladder (major fat fighting organs) and properties that increasing cell turnover. This is great in combination with our Body Wraps.  $55

​Amethyst Infrared Heat Therapy

Amethyst Heat does all the things of the reguar infrared heat does plus more. The amethyst table delivers negative ions (which are good) and soothing, deep-penetrating infrared heat while stimulating cell regeneration  in your body.  Uses include aiding recovery in pain, injuries, post-surgery healing, arthritis, and heavy metal toxicity. It treats stress, anxiety, fatigue, and promotes better sleep patterns. It also reduces inflammation and eases headaches and allergies while creating a sense of well being.
30 Minutes $25    45 Minutes $35

Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture
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