Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture
Ancient Therapies, Modern Remedies

Prevention and Wellness Session

(Immune & digestive system support with stress Relief)

A wellness treatment to boost your digestive and immune system with acupuncture and soothe stress and tight muscles with acupressure. Hot compresses and Organic Calm Mind oil will ease your mind and help you sleep. Finish your session with a detoxifying and oxygenation session to activate your lymphatic system and increase oxygen circulation throughout your body. 

60 Minutes-$70

Cold and Flu Remedy

​Anti-viral essential oils are tailored to your specific symptoms and are applied through bodywork and acupressure for body aches and headache. Steam inhalation soothes respiratory passages and fights pathogens. Infrared heat or cold compresses are chosen according to your condition. Glass suction cups are used on the upper back to relieve cough and phlegm, and remove the toxins that break down your immune system.  An herbal prescription will be given to get you well fast.

45 minutes-$70

Add 4 acupuncture needles

                       for an immune system boost-$15                                                  

Blue Tansy De-Stress  Remedy

(Stress and Irritability  relief)

Stress has found it's archenemy. Relax from head to toe on an infrared heated bed 

with an herbal eye mask as we target acupressure points in your feet, hands, and head that decrease stress hormones in the body and resets your peace of mind.  An aromatherapy nebulizer is used make the Blue Tansy blend more concentrated to the olfactory system and are aimed at relieving irritability, anxiety, and over-thinking. Add 4 needles to help balance brain chemicals to help you feel at ease.  A herbal prescription for stress will be recommended.

25 minutes-$50

4 Needle addition to reduce stress  and calm the mind-$15

(20 minutes additional time for acupuncture)

Specialty Relief Sessions

Specialty Relief Sessions are Tuina medical massage specialization treatments for relief of single ailments.  All Specialty treatments include diagnosis according to Chinese Medicine and is tailored to your specific symptoms. An herbal prescription is given with the treatment but the cost of the herbal product is not reflected in the session price.

Marble & Jade Headache Remedy

(Headache  and Migraine Relief)

This treatment is a great remedy for vascular headaches, migraines, or headaches caused by muscle tension.  A calming, essential oil blend that provides headache and stress relief will be applied on acupressure points to target your type of headache. Cold Marble and Jade tools are applied to specific areas to decrease vascular headaches. Your bodywork will be focused on the head, neck,  shoulders and hands. The treatment concludes with a cold neck compress while the Infrared heated bed warms the back of the body, redirecting the stagnate blood flow from the head to relieve your headache. The infrared heat also relieves back tension and pain from the neck and shoulders. An herbal prescription will be recommended for your condition.

25 Minutes      $55

4 Needle addition to stop  headache & reduce stress          $15

(20 minutes additional time for acupuncture)

Marble & Jade Sinus Remedy

(Sinus and Allergy Relief)

An acupressure massage focused on stimulating sinus drainage and decreasing sinus pressure. A steam treatment with our organic Sinus Remedy essential oils  provides an broad antiseptic and anti-infective action. Marble and Jade cold stone therapy will stimulate circulation and soothe inflammation. An herbal prescription will be recommended for your specific condition. It's recommended that you come in with a clean face (make-up free).


25 minutes    $55

4 needle acupuncture treatment addition for an  immune boost      $15

(20 minutes additional time for acupuncture)